Yesterday we arose at 6:30…..too early for some, then headed off on land to hike UP 1500m through steep jungle. Most of us were soaked through when we reached the goal…a large pool of COLD fresh water tumbling out of a rather modest waterfall. No wildlife seen. Transport was provided ( in the back of a ute) back to the little town of Tektek where the yachts are anchored. In dire need of a sit down and drink we went to the local cafe where Catrina spied a man making roti. You start with a little ball of dough then skilfully stretch it very thin, pop it onto a slightly convex skillet, fold it and put egg and other things in it , slop on lots of oil and serve it with dahl and some chilli. Super yum. I have had it with mango which is also very good.

After a rather long afternoon rest we had sundowners with Marijke and Hilderbrandt from the NZ yacht Carrie. They are friends from the Pacific Circuit Rally in 2013 and came up last year. Catrina and I discovered that Marijke not only  knits but spins, dyes wool and weaves. You just can’t fit a decent loom on a boat so Marijke has a set of diagonal looms made of wood and nails which she uses to make squares for afghans and cushion covers. Knitting /weaving circle TBA.

Today we found small patches of beautiful coral in the bay where we are anchored.  I also took the opportunity to get some reef which had been developing on the keel off. I love being under the boat with the hooker purring away and just fish for company. The water is very clear. Tommorrow? More of the same …s’pose Id better do some washing and cleaning.

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