A Long Time Between Drinks..

We are finally heading south. We cleared out yesterday after a delay for some last minute boats jobs. Whilst clearing out , we met yet another boat heading south for the Rally…”Anthem”, with Adrian and Carmen.  The process was pretty straightforward except that the computer lost all the accumulated data on all boats before Jan 1 this year.  Where has all this data gone , I wonder.

We then headed to Maya Bay, on PhiPhi Le , the site of the film, “The Beach” and one of Leonardo Di Caprio’s first big films. It is a fabulous bay, surrounded on three sides with tall cliffs, and with clear jade coloured water. You can’t anchor so we were lucky to get a marine park buoy and spend the night there while all the tourists were gone.

This morning the land breeze provided a sail for 2 hours then died off so we motored to Koh Lanta where  the big bay provided a easy anchorage  for an afternoon of lazing and a beach restaurant dinner tonight.



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