We are using a Web Page Generator called  WORDPRESS . Our friend Daniel set it up for us. The files are on-line and kept in a magic cloud server somewhere so we don’t have to download the HTML files each time we do an edit. We hope to  update it regularly and will put a map of where we are on our adventure journey under the TRIP TRACKER page. The Web site consists of 7 off  BASIC PAGES  which are selectable via the top menu bar or the bottom Pages Window selector. The pages also have  SUB PAGES AS MARKED IN ORANGE below and can also be selected via the top menu bar or the bottom  Pages Window selector under the sub-pages tabs. The PAGES  and  SUB-PAGES are as follows:

  • HOME —————-> Home page with latest posts about the trip. You use the calendar on the LHS to select a month, Can also use search box at top page to find particular post.


  •  ABOUT —————-> About the history and operation of the Web site with explanations  for the various pages and sub pages.

  •  TRIP TRACKER   —–> There is Skiprnet site to show our real time position & Google Maps showing our track with ports of calls with PinLights showing date, routes and other interesting info.

  • PHOTOS & SLIDESHOW–> Various photo galleries of the trip. Refer to PHOTO page  and each STATE SUBPAGE for the index of all galleries. Click on the Page links to view each state section of photos

  •  CREW  —————–>  Photos of the crew at various stages of  the trip.
  •  ARTICLES —————-> About the trip & yacht, with general description, figures & layout drawing.
                     POWER SUPPLY  – About the energy requirements for the boat & descriptions of the various systems.
                     SEA SICKNESS – Various remedies discussed.
                     FUEL CONSUMPTON – About the best engine cruising speed based on manufacturer’s preformance curve.
  •  YOUR COMMENTS  -> You are welcome to provide feedback on our WEB site by using the comments area in this Page. You need to fill in two fields being your name and email address to add a comment.

When viewing , you can click in the middle of any photo and then use the cursor left/right tabs to view the gallery.

A slide show viewer  is located under main body of test of each PHOTO SUB-PAGE  and is selected by the  SHOW AS SLIDESHOW prompt. It will display slides every 5 seconds.

But a really cool way to view the gallery in sliding wall and slideshow is to use VIEW WITH PICLENS  prompt which will install COOLRIS WALL application. This application is safe and can be used to view not only our gallery, but any photo galleries on your own computer.

We have reduced the size of all photos down to about 50KB so they load much faster for your convenience. We used MS RESIZE PICTURES in Explorer to do this to reduce the resolution to 640 x 480 Pixels.

There is a “UP TO TOP PAGE”  button on the lower right side of the screen to quickly take to the top of any page.

Please enjoy our Website and any constructive comments would be appreciated.


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