Selamut Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Its the end of Ramadan and the last 2 days, people are on holiday , Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and celebrating by visiting family and eating. The streets are decorated with green and yellow woven packets resembling packets of rice woven with pandanus leaves. Families are out shopping sometimes in matching Muslim outfits which are very cute.

We had a celebration of our own with the scurrilous (? scrofulous) crews of Sigata ( Lesley and Phil from NZ) and Terry and Ady from Beau Soliel which hales from Sandringham. They found a series of waterfront bars and dragged us to the Shamrock. Whilst the other ladies had Cosmopolitand and the lads Kilkenny pints , I could not resist a Flaming Lamborghini. Phil has  gone back there to have one tonight.















Today I dived with Scuba Junkies, who proved to be great. I wasn’t feeling great to start with and some sinus squeeze took some of the joy out of it , but the coral , nudis, lion fish, moray and nibbling shrimps ( they nibble your fingers) made it worthwhile. No photos. My camera is in a box en rote to Oz.  A few feisty little fish had a go at me but my skin is too tough. I also discovered that Clownfish are trannies. If the big female dies , a male turns female and takes her place.


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